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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CommuteCast Episode 22

Show Notes by Doogly1
Commute Cast Episode 22 Shownotes:
1. Intro
A. laptop recording vs Tape recording
B. Ragables wifi highjacking
C. Power Inverter talk

2.Drupal upgrading / psp hacking website
A. Website update
B. Forum/clean-url problems
C. Database sizes/nearly hitting a dog
D. Forum scares Ragable
E. Ragable's Module Rant
F. Themes with drupal
G. Java IRC
H. Hosts
I. Video hosting

3. Ending

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

CommuteCast Episode 21

Show Notes by emir321

Commute Cast Episode 21 Shownotes:
*Pox's new Quiet electric car
*NO "Electric mode" in america(For cars)
*Only Europe and Japan have the "Electric mode"
*Pox's brick car battrey
*Huge ventilation around the battrey
*Ragable says "F^£&" economy mode"
*Problems listed with electrical mode, slow speeds,cant go over 30mph etc
*Ragable thought Pox's new car was smaller then his old one
*Pox figures how to run his car in electric mode but it max's at 10mph or less
*Ragable thinks the "Electric mode" idea is silly
*Pox's lightwave 9 book
*People mapping the road
*Expensive to live in Vegas
*Animals are happy in Spring
*Pox does'nt get the texturing
*Took Pox a year to make the ISP commercial(1st Fully 3D commercial in Wyoming)
*Pox had a amiga 4000(Better then his college amiga 2000s)
*$1000 for 48mbs of ram
*Pox's car was suprisingly good in the blizzard
*Pox wanted to do Animation a video editing but got more into the computer
aspect upgrading memory,Hardrives etc
*Replace a Osolator chip to overclock it and make it run twice as fast
*Pox wants to get back in animation and video editing
*Poxs Mii skit idea
*Exipierd Plates
*"The Guy"Gives you info on a car but he does'nt like Hybrids
*Pox and Rag see a big fire
*Rip off car prices and how car dealers screw you over
*Ragables first car was $22,000-24,000
*Saturns dont haggle "set price to screw you at"
*They gave Rag $7000 for his car
*Little tornado
*Turn your PSP video's in
*Forum members submit videos for next PSPHacking101 next video.
*Submit your VIDEOS!
*Talk about deadelus
*Xbox porting games and making them better for the 360
*PS3 backround downloading
*Rag gets scared by Pox's loud ringtone
*No off bluetooth option in Pox's car
*New Casino
*Wii use's more power then 360(Wiiconnect24 always connected to wi-fi)
*Talk about Mii's and Wii messages ,friends

*Forum members submit videos for next PSPHacking101 next video.
*Submit your VIDEOS!

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