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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

EPISODE 27 - Unbricker

- How to unbrick/downgrade any PSP

Files Needed:

Pandora's Battery Creater Pak

Sony PSP 1.5 Firmware eboot

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CommuteCast Ep 27

Show Notes by forum member "OMGitsPSPHacking101":

-Pox gets confused on Epsioide Date
-Pox feels bad for Bobtenpeg
-Many PS3 Hacking 101 come out soon
-First two episodes revealed of PS3 Hacking 101
-There is a secret epsoide is going to be their own little thing that is not realase to the public yet.
-Wonders how hackers do all these hacks and find loopholes in Sony's firmware.
-Ragable wants to meet these people who hack Sony's Firmware
-Talks about the undercover reporter at Deathcon will not be the domain for the show

20:39 min
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CommuteCast Ep 26

Show Notes by bobtentpeg:

CC 26

CommuteCast 25, Stuck in Construction Traffic
~Smoke, fire...
~hacking an iPhone
~They used to be capped on their data network.
~Now its not bad, 350 or so
~Wireless service is expensive
~GSM has problems, it has "the buzz"
~it makes a buzzing noise, while doing, anything
~Verizon's plan, its a crappy connection, DROP IT

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Commute Cast 25

Commute Cast 25

Show Notes by bobtentpeg:
CC 25 Aug 1st

finally a short commute.
~ Pox, little sis, and nephew in car.
~ Hard to find people to do voices for the Baby video
~ The babies in "hacker" names, get to it.

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CommuteCast 24

Commute Cast 24

Show Notes by bobtentpeg:
CC 25 Jun 07 (Get a shorter Commute Pox.)

~ July=Peak of summer. Everything is downhill from now.
~ Purely Unscripted, except Pox already knows what he's going to say

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