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Saturday, March 31, 2007

CommuteCast Episode 20

Show Notes by bobtentpeg

Commute Cast-- the Longest one yet, i think. The Carputer has gone bye bye
People Involved:
PoX -- GOD
Sis -- unnamed Sister/Family member/ person
~~No Ragable :'(, PoX and Sister are going to Montana.
~~ Apparently PoX and Ragy no longer work near each-other
~~ Unreleased Commute cast-dead battery
~~Toyota Camry Hybrid, PoX is a tree hugger
~~Battery + Electric Motor/Generator. Low speeds=No gas, High speed=Gas, in between- Electric and Gas :~0 40 Miles/Gallon ( I hate you, i get like 15 on my '92 Camry)
~~ POX has some weird family(no surprise)
~~ No News but the car is "Kinda cool, with technological Style"
~~POX and Sis when to see Meet the Robinson's because it was snowing "like crazy"
~~Went to eat at Irma's??
~~knee high snow, PoX has a Tom Tom not a Pox Pox
~~PoX thinks Meet The Robinson's was a good movie, he liked the story behind it more the the movie. High-tech low-tech animation
~~PoX peed his pants because the movie was too scary for him (he didnt but it sounds funny)
~~Sis wouldn't let them watch TMNT ;~(
~~ Each eye only sees one perspective
~~ old movie>>3d. Take old and re-render the movie in 3D. your right eye sees the original and the left the new 3D render.
~~Tom Tom has a woman's voice.............WTF
~~ Carputer was replaced by Tom Tom, and PoX used to watch DVDs while driving(kids don't follow his model)
~~Tom Tom is superior, and is CHEAPER, except it has a lithium rechargeable battery.
~~Tom Tom kept them safe, and Sis was doubting Pox's diving ability. Tom Tom has Bluetooth...WTF that better then my old laptop
~~Disappearing Mountains, Whiteout conditions. Dynamic Stability and Traction Control(no its not a Volvo)
~~Polarized sunglasses are a must(they are WIRED magazine said so Razz)
~!Night Vision in your CAR, sweet, There are Cows, Buffalo and pheasants (PoX calls then "suicidal bird") and dodging Dogs who want to be roadkill.
~~Apparently 50%> of people who listen are from the UK
~~PoX I want your autograph
~~Ragy never leaves there town
~~Cross-country Commute CAst, even longer then this 1.
~~ Matiti, Manida and what not are weird own names in Wyoming, sounds like cities in Iowa, Butt Montana (actually Butte)
~~Listen to that baby purr
~~Butt, i mean Butte, does smell like butt.
~~No speed limit in Montana, thats my type of place. But now there is speed limit 75mph in the Day and 65mph at Night
~~Sis is texting Deathgrrrl and PoX sees naked ladies on a road sign and almost crashes, YEY for Gentlemen's clubs.
~~Talks about how much PH101 is worth, 22,000 bucks, If only i could afford that.
~~ PoX tries to justify to himself how PH101 is worth 22,000. But we knoe its worth a whole lot more.
~~Servers and Bandwidth was exceeded on Youtube, and they sold it for 3.5 billion dollars
~~Ragy has no clue what out site price means, but he want money
~~Pixar Disney "thing" Pixar hate Disney, Disney buys Pixar, Pixar now works for Disney and has to do the stuff.
~~Pixar is making Disney make 2D movies if Pixar has to make 3D movies.
~~Apple+Disney= Family fn and keeping the Doctor Away
~~PspHacking101 the Show is Coming Soon
~~Wiihacking101 soon after, then a WiiHacking DVD set after thats released.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

CommuteCast Episode 19

Commute Cast for Feb. 27th 2007

Show Notes by emir321

*POX's Dieing XBOX360:
*Started by the XBOX360 freezing.
*POX uses a Heat Gun To Fix His XBOX360.
*Video Taped the XBOX360 expirience.
*No Patch Comeing for Dead Rising.(Text Issue) *Ragable tells the plot for Dead Rising(if you dont want to hear this Mute it)
*Surprise ending to Dead Rising.
*Ragabble think's a PS3 would suck on his tv.
*Talk on HD games and Dpi
*Wii Contest is Over
*Ragable looses to his brothe ron the Wii
*Darkwolf Winner(going to be double checked)
*DVD are done Ready to be shipped

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