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Thursday, March 01, 2007

CommuteCast Episode 19

Commute Cast for Feb. 27th 2007

Show Notes by emir321

*POX's Dieing XBOX360:
*Started by the XBOX360 freezing.
*POX uses a Heat Gun To Fix His XBOX360.
*Video Taped the XBOX360 expirience.
*No Patch Comeing for Dead Rising.(Text Issue) *Ragable tells the plot for Dead Rising(if you dont want to hear this Mute it)
*Surprise ending to Dead Rising.
*Ragabble think's a PS3 would suck on his tv.
*Talk on HD games and Dpi
*Wii Contest is Over
*Ragable looses to his brothe ron the Wii
*Darkwolf Winner(going to be double checked)
*DVD are done Ready to be shipped

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