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Thursday, November 30, 2006

CommuteCast Episode 15

Commute Cast for Nov. 30 2006

-Ragable gets mixed up about which podcast this is.
-Pox and Ragable recant their Wii tales... And Pox hopes the man who sold him him his spot doesn't get killed by the DHL Delivery Man
-28,338 PS3 sold on ebay as oppopsed 29,351 to wii.
-3.5 games sold per Wii as opposed to 1.2 PS3 games
-I hate Madden too.
-The too smart guys comment on the demise of the forums.
-Darkwolf tries gets Ebony and Ivory (PSP and Wii) to live together in Harmony, and kinda gets it to work...

-Converting the Wii sensor bar to be wireless
-Making sensor bars for the Wii
-Wiimote working with a PC
-Comments on Wii Connect 24, Comments on Virtual console, and buying the same games over again
over, and OVER again...
-Comment on rumbling
-Lack of PS3 goodness, lack of good games, multitasking abilities, and resolution ...
-Weird breakdancing music

30 min.

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