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Friday, January 19, 2007

CommuteCast Episode 18

Commute Cast for Jan. 18th 2007

Show Notes

as interpreted by forum member bobtentpeg:

*Talk about pox knowng what ep it is
* 8gb MS card Smile ps1 games anyone $300 :( <_<
*Is it expensive, Pox says not to bad, Ragable(stil a pussy for not upgrading to 3.03 OE-B) thinks it not worth it and would rather have a a nano
*New memory Stick Format, psp2?
*Wiisports, wii=exercise . No way in hell. But.....he does. Lost 9 pounds, mmmmm fat.
*Exercise is GOOD, but Pox hasn't lost any, and Ragable wants to see a REALY REALLY FAT person do it, hes wierd that way.
*Ragable wants you to post your results, only if your a fat ass
*Darkwolf and Zeldakid you have a new contest, whoever starting from next week to the end of the month, loses the most weight or lowersw their BMIthe most playing wi wins.
*Your prize, a BOX FULL O CRAP, so in other words n00bp1mp 1 and 2
*Wii+piss=DEAD PEOPLE, cociane in a coffiene drink, give me sum
*HFC is a goverment conspiracy.
*Idiocrasy is the least advertised and least showed movie ever
*Gatorade is now water and people cant feed them selves. Water your plants with gatorade
*Pox cannpt digest Gluten
*Sacrin and Aspartame, mmmm carcinogens. Sugar plus bleach=splenda
*RAgable doesn't want to talk about it, iPhone is a money making thing. 20 million iPods last year 63% of the market for mp3 player
*50% profit matgin for the iPhone . inly 240$ to make it and 400$ to buy it
*Flash memory takes like 5$ to make, slave labor, Ragable likes slave/realizes he is THE slave

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