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Monday, October 01, 2007

CommuteCast Ep 28

Show Notes by "emir321"
*Deathgrrrl is Ragable
*Talk about
*Episode one of the new show is out
*Pox and Deathgrrl go to california for the PodCast Expo
*Talk about Gluten/Celiac disease, prodcuts,symptons etc..
*Deathgrrrl works for a health program
*biometric pressure effects cooking
*Pox talks about the editing of the show
*Catching a flight from salt lake to ontario california
*Pox talks about the Iphone,360,Wii and PSPhacking101 shows
*Hopefully 1 PSPhacking101 everymonth and Gluten free shows the first friday of everymonth
*Tell your family and friends to watch the Gfcook show
*Post on the Gfcook forums
*Colt is the cookey tester
*Deathgrrrl gets nervous on camera(and the CC)
*Pox talks about bad youtube comments
*Talk about when raggable was in the trash looking for a bricked PSP and someone called the cops
*2nd time that the cops have been called for a show prank
*Dont blow up pumpkins(The Pox and Ragg way)
*Jail food better then school lunches
*Pox does a podcast if he goes to jail
*Dont do drugs
*Talk about soccergirl(The one who licked the PSP)
*Busy in salt lake city
*DVD 6 nearly ready
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