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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PSP Hacking 101 - EP32 - How to Backup Your PSP Games

Setting Up the Essentials:
Alternate PSP software to run PSX ROMs. Selecting the most compatible PSX bios to run your backups by holding the R button down when rebooting.

Backing Up Your UMDs:
Use select menu to change the data output to USB mode from UMD and then copy the ISO to another computer. Requires a Windows PC. Renaming is ok.

Impaler's Multidisk popstation GUI
-Can read and run from back up drive and write to back up drive.
-Do's and Don'ts with multiple eboots

Dimensions for the PNG files for your icons and backgrounds on your PSP:
-icon0.png (icon, 144 x 80 px, 32-bit PNG file)
-pic1.png (background, 480 x 272 px, 32-bit PNG file)

Best EMUs for classics:
-Snes9X TYL (SNES)
-gpSP (GBA)